Established in 2009, we help businesses grow through a variety of customer-focussed marketing tools.
We have a Team of qualified, and experienced Sales and Marketing Experts, passionate about helping your business achieve more.
We do not want to see your company and your great ideas fall short because of poor sales and marketing strategies. We work with you as a caring Partner.

We conceptualise, plan, develop, and execute agile strategic marketing campaigns & strategies that deliver tangible results.
We treat your company and your business objectives as if they were our own. We work with you to solve existing problems and relentlessly search to uncover new opportunities that will have a profound impact on your company.
We assess your current workforce and determine whether your sales programs need to be restructured for performance. We implement sustainable sales recruiting, training, and mentoring programs that create scalable sales competencies and promote long-term success.
We jointly identify your target market, evaluate the channels and tools you use to reach them, then creatively orchestrate and execute a customised sales strategy to drive increase and/or new business.
Your marketing needs to be precisely focussed on your niche market. Once identified, our Team designs a truly unique and meaningful experience that creates WOW moments with your customers. These moments are what drive real results.
We understand that most small and medium sized businesses have a busy schedule and can be tight on marketing funds.

Our Team can endeavour to meet with you after your normal working hours. We also find together the proper payment options that help solve your problems while staying inside your budget.

We have the following expertise:

·         Branding

·         Consumer & Shopper Insights

·         Customer Experience

·         Customer Lifecycle Management

·         Digital Marketing

·         Insights & Analytics

·         Marketing Return on Investment

·         Organization & Capabilities

·         Pricing

·         Sales & Channel Management

·         Creation and Design

·         Inbound marketing

·         Search Engine Optimisation

·         Search Engine Marketing

·         Mass Mailing

·         Social Media Marketing

We enable you create a successful marketing and sales synergy by ensuring that marketing nurtures leads through funnel and passes them off to sales when they are ready to close.

WIMACON has conceptualised many successful marketing and sales campaigns that result in cost-efficient and scalable programs.

·         Web Content Development

·         Web Branding

·         Website Optimisation

·         Web Analytics

·         Marketing Research

·         Linking strategies and Deployment

·         Targeting Email Marketing

·         Marketing Media Product Development

·         Publishing solutions

·         Creative solutions

·         Integration

·         Sales and Marketing Integration

·         Sales Services

Our Team enables your company to identify how it intends to differentiate itself in the market place and how your Sales Team needs to communicate with the buyer. We outline in detail what actions need to take place to effectively reach the target market across multiple channels.

Our Team assists you to utilise Sales Information collected during the sales Cycle using Data Visualisation Tool or your company’s Customer Relationship Management Tool (CRM), if any, to enhance your Sales Team’s procedures and capabilities.

We coach you on the actions required to guide a lead through the sales funnel and ultimately closing the deal. We review the sales process and the steps needed to close a prospect.

Additionally, we also measure what tools, and how much support your Sales Team requires, such as training, on the data & analytics quality which are available, with a view to enable them shorten the Sales Cycle.

We strive to draw buyers to your organisation by creating useful and helpful content/interactions. This creates a system of potential buyers finding your company through a variety of different channels, as follows:


·         Blogging

·         Landing Pages

·         Social Media

·         Workflows

·         Customer Relationship Management

·         Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Keywords

·         Call-to-Actions (CTA)

·         Email

·         Social Monitoring

Often referred to as Traditional Marketing or Interruption Marketing, we devise tools to initiate interactions between your potential buyers and your company to entice them to purchase your products and/or services.

We review the messaging to ensure it is not outdated and follows the brand’s differentiation strategy. We advise you on how to diversify your marketing strategy, and how to make a proper blend of marketing tools. We ensure that your company does not rely excessively on Outbound Advertising without knowing what to expect from it.

We assist you in properly tracking Outbound Marketing Metrics and analytics and therefrom assess Returns on Investment (ROI) and justify the marketing budget each year.

Our Team advises of a series of different channels, as follows:


·         Television

·         Billboards

·         Email Marketing

·         Pop-Up Advertisement

·         Direct Mail

·         Social Media Advertising

·         Radio

·         Print Media

·         Cold Calling

·         Online Advertising

·         Trade Shows

·         Leaflets

Our Team identifies the various factors to consider when building the correct website for your company. Your company is unique, and, hence, your website also needs to be just as unique. Together with your team, we determine what is important to your target market and buyer personas prior to your embarking in a substantial investment.

Our Team accompanies you through this process to ensure that you are making the safest investment for your organisation, and would result to the largest impact on desired outcome.

This comprises of:

·         Search Engine Optimisation

·         Content Creation

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Digital Advertising

·         Technology Services

·         Sales Technology

·         Marketing Technology

·         Video Marketing