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wimacon HR consultancy
Human Resource Services

Outsource us your HR functions and reduce your administrative workload. 


Accountancy services

 Our accountancy services cover the whole spectrum from mere bookkeeping to intricate financial reporting.

Professional Courses

Fire fighting, First Aid and more

Join a course that can change the course of your life.




Immigration Services

Get a comprehensive A-Z service of immigration from any country to Mauritius.


Sales and marketing

Reach our experts to achieve extensive sales and marketing records.


Wimacon Ltd  will take care of ALL the aspects related to Human Resource management of your business.


Digital Services

Hosting, Domain Webdesign

Contact us for a creatively designed website to allow interaction between you and your clients.




"We are here to help our clients in recruiting the best workforce along with providing  courses that will benefit the employees".



"At Wimacon, we believe that a good team will definitely ensure survival and continuous growth of the business. Thus, our vision is to provide formations to businesses based locally or internationally and to recognize itself among the best HR services provider worldwide".


We deliver real business results through a people-centered approach
to technology and providing to your needs.